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About Yoga

Yoga integrates mind, body, and spirit utilizing:


Asana (physical exercises) that move the body toward greater alignment, increase awareness, lengthen and strengthen the muscles, and improve range of motion. Asana increases vitality, strength, and flexibility, improves balance and relieves stress and tension.


Pranayama (Breath work) Increases awareness and focus and invites one into the present moment while calming the nervous system and activating the relaxation response. Breathing practices improve the capacity and quality of the breath, and provides vital oxygen for tissues and cells.


Meditation includes a variety of practices that settle the mind, improve concentration, and help one move inward. Meditation encourages non-judgmental mindfulness of thoughts, feelings, and sensations. Meditation may be used to ease stress, anxiety, depression, and pain.

Yoga may incorporate Mantra, Mudra, Visualization, Affirmation, and other self inquiry practices.


Yoga is adaptable to each individual's physical, psychological, social, and spiritual needs and goals.



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